We design interior spaces that don’t simply look good, we design them to feel good too.

We specialize in interior design and service production. Solid Teamwork is the main principle we constantly uphold to ensure the success of our projects. We emphasize the quality of our work, attention to details and client satisfaction when working with us.


Interior Design

Our projects are shaped by our dedicated team that allows us to take full responsibility for all aspect of our projects, from sketching to construction. By working closely with our clients, we can create a detailed and tailored design concept that exceeds their inteiror needs.

Custom Furniture

Our custom-made and curated furniture is offered to our clients in a wide diversity of premium quality materials that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Each and every piece of furniture starts as raw material that is then cultivated and transformed by our talented craftsmen to satisfy our client’s requirements.


Other than our focus in interior design, we also offer our service to meet your expectations by carrying our projects such as ceiling renovation, drywall partition, parquet flooring, electrical and lighting installation, and more with keep it running smoothly.


Place your trust in us. We dedicate our skills and professionalism to create the space you want to live in. Each project comes with a thoroughly prepared, organized and researched concept that promises only the best production and installation process. We always aim to demonstrate integrity, commitment and a professional work ethic in all our projects to provide satisfactory services for our clients.

Time management is also a priority of ours. It is our pride and duty to finish our projects within the allotted time. Your satisfaction strenghthens our principles and motivated us to always push through with better service. We believe, heartfelt work leads to an outstanding result for us, and for you.

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Office Address

Jl. Banjar Sugihan No. 47 A, Surabaya


085100015955 (WhatsApp)

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